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We Teach. We Create. We Learn.

We are unique. We are not just software developers. We are teachers. We therefore have a unique view of what should be possible when education and technology combine, and Tornado Design is the result. Tools to help teach. Tools to help learn. Ultimately, tools for us all to educate and be educated.

Tornado Design produces educational software and a range of accessibility solutions to help students at all levels of their education. Our tools support teachers and lecturers both in and outside the classroom.

A simple to use computer reader tool, suitable for exams and the classroom in Schools, Colleges and Universities.
"It's not just for reading - one student re-wrote a word over and over until they could hear they'd spelt it correctly!"
Exam Invigilator
A digital colour filter solution for all needs and requirements, suitable for exams and the classroom in Schools, Colleges and Universities.
"My English GCSE students have really found this helpful when sitting mock exams. Thank you for a great alternative for those who need it."
GCSE English Teacher
Replace your Documents folder with something smarter! Aids organisation and information searches.
"Instant search results and colour coded folders - so much easier to stay organised!"
Real Education. Web based VLE and Assignment Management in one Package.
"Everything I need is all in one place - my assignments, my feedback, even my notes!"
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